Eliminate your social anxiety

Social anxiety is the worst. It feels like I’ve been incarcerated for years. Not in prison, but in my mind for quite some time. The feeling of being constantly judged and thinking people are talking about you behind your back. Awkward conversations, feeling like an alien, mind going blank from anxiety, always trying to think of the best thing to say, the physical drain from being social all made it an easy choice to stay at home, a safe haven from the public.

I wanted to work on my anxiety but would always procrastinate and tell myself that I would do it the next day. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, eventually my comfortable existence was no more. The isolation and accompanying depression became too painful. As much as I wanted to avoid people to not face my anxiety I also wanted friends and to be normal like everyone else. I had to act and stop procrastinating. It was time for me to begin my fight against social anxiety.

At first I didn’t even know social anxiety was actually a disorder, a mental health condition. After a few Google searches I learned I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t just a few other people suffering the same as me. I found forums with thousands of members. With all these people I knew at least one of them had to have found a cure… right?

To my surprise there wasn’t a single treatment… it seemed like there were hundreds. Different people were stating that different things helped them. In other words one treatment might work perfectly for one person but do nothing for someone else. So naturally I started trying these treatments, one after another, after another… I tried a ton of things to no avail and was getting ready to give up when I found it, the silver bullet…

Kill your anxiety with Phenibut

Phenibut, contracted from β-phenyl-γ-aminobutyric acid, is a central depressant and analog of the inhibitory neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid, or a GABA analogue. What it is was didn’t really matter to me. I just knew it worked… really good. After taking phenibut for the first time I felt what it was like to be anxiety free. No longer did I try to avoid people but I felt like being social, joining in conversations, and talking effortlessly with complete mental clarity. It wasn’t just the social aspect either there was an extreme calmness within me that I had never felt before, a genuine euphoria along with it, and music sounded amazing. Things that would normally phase or anger me literally had no effect. Everything could be going wrong for me at that moment but I could still smile and not be worried about a thing. Unfortunately as with all great things, it came to an end.

For me personally the effects of taking Phenibut only lasted a few hours. The other bad thing was I couldn’t take it every day, especially back to back, or I would build up a tolerance and have to quit cold turkey for a while to feel the effects again. Now a days I only use it once or twice a week. It is perfect for killing your anxiety if you’re about to go in for a job interview, a date, a meeting or anything else that would normally cause your anxiety to skyrocket.

If you wish to try Phenibut I would highly recommend the red supplements brand red monkey which you can get by clicking here or on the picture below. It comes in capsules so you don’t have buy the powder and worry about measuring your doses. I have tried other brands but they don’t seem nearly as potent and some have literally no effect. I have the best success when I take it in the morning right after waking up on an empty stomach. It complements caffeine very nicely. I have a 16 oz 0 calorie Monster Energy drink with it. Normally I would get caffeine jitters from drinking it but Phenibut seems to cancel it out for me. It’s best to always start with the lowest possible dose and work your way up if you don’t feel the effects. Just don’t go up too high. Phenibut can be used as a sleep aid in doses of 4 grams. I have gotten some of the best nights sleep after taking higher doses.

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I really hope that Phenibut reduces or completely eliminates your anxiety and can help you in the capacity that it has helped me. It’s not the end all be all but is definitely something to add to your arsenal in your fight against social anxiety.