A life of missed opportunities

Leaving social anxiety untreated leads to a life of missed opportunities. It is my hope that by reading this article at least one person will take action and take steps toward treating their social anxiety. Taking the first step is definately the hardest. As mentioned in one of my previous posts it’s hard to beat social anxiety: https://www.fightingsocialanxiety.com/hard-beat-social-anxiety/.

What your missing out on

Creating relationships is one of the biggest things to miss out on. People who suffer from social anxiety go out of their way to avoid others. It is not because they hate people and want to avoid them. It is in response to avoiding discomfort. Feeling like your are being judged by others or worrying about what to say are common issues. The end result of this avoidance is not making friends or creating relationships.

At the core humans are social creatures. Those with social anxiety are at a huge disadvantage from the start. In order to make friends you need a certain amount of social skills. Most people with social anxiety lack social skills because they avoid social situations. The longer it is avoided the harder it seems to become. Even if they possess decent social skills the symptoms of social anxiety discussed here is a huge obstacle.

Romantic relationships

John is 22. College is almost over for him. He has never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl, or even held a girl’s hand. He leads a quiet, lonely, and depressed life. Thoughts of his youth slipping away constantly clouds his mind. He also worries about working a 40 hour week for the next 40 years and being all alone.

Career opportunities

Charles has managed to land a decent job. He stays with the same company and works his butt off. He is offered a management position with more pay but he declines. In his mind he knows the position requires a significant increase in social interaction and more time in front of others in the “spotlight”. While he has the technical skills for the position he is worried he will fail miserably managing others or screw up a presentation or meeting with the higher ups.

The time to act is now

The stories of John and Charles highlight only two of the many things people with social anxiety miss out on. Don’t keep putting things off. “I’ll do it tomorrow” could turn out to be several years down the road. The most common treatments for social anxiety are cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription or natural remedies. If you want to read about something that helped me then click here.