How Support Forums can be Harmful

Online support forums can be a great source of help but can be very detrimental to your personal growth. When I first found an online forum for social anxiety I was addicted to getting on there every day. It was great to find and talk to other people who were experiencing the same thing as me. The main problem I faced was that I spent about two years on there browsing, posting, and accepting my social anxiety.

aimless support forum browsing

Looking back now I wish I would have spent more time on facing and overcoming my social anxiety instead. I could have spent that time on Cognitive behavioral therapy or found something like this sooner to temporarily get rid of my social anxiety. While I can’t turn back time I can warn others and maybe save someone else time. Procrastination is a dangerous thing, don’t put anything off to the tomorrow that may never come, act now.

One particularly troubling thing I saw was people being criticized for trying to help others. Trying to get someone out of there comfort zone for instance could lead to a harsh rebuttal. A lot of people tell white lies to help others feel good about themselves. It is really a trade off between temporary and long term happiness. The truth while it may sting in the moment will help you in the long term in life.