Social Anxiety Symptoms – Top 50 List

social anxiety symptoms
Do I have anxiety?

Social anxiety impacts people emotionally, physically, and behaviorally. Not everyone experiences it the same way. Below is the most comprehensive top 50 list of symptoms of social anxiety.

  1. Not taking part in and avoiding situations where you are or might be the center of attention
  2. Heart beating rapidly while speaking or in anticipation of having to speak in front of others
  3. Expecting the worst possible outcome from a social situation
  4. Avoidance of doing things or speaking to others in fear of embarrassment
  5. Intense fear of interacting or talking with strangers
  6. Concern that you will offend others
  7. Having a constant fear of being judged by people
  8. Blushing while speaking
  9. Irrational anxiety and fear in anticipation of activity or event
  10. Taking time after each social interaction to analyze your performance and the perceived flaws in your interaction
  11. Trying to think of the best thing to say or respond and then not saying anything
  12. Sweating profusely while talking or in anticipation of speaking
  13. Fear of making a bad first impression when being introduced to someone new
  14. Being much more anxious when meeting or speaking to important people or authority figures
  15. Having trouble looking people in the eyes or maintaining eye contact
  16. Shaking when presenting or talking
  17. Feeling of being watched or judged when out in public even when not in center of attention
  18. Fear of others noticing you look anxious
  19. Dizziness or lightheadedness
  20. Feeling that what you say isn’t good enough and that you will be criticized or judged
  21. Avoiding phone calls in public
  22. “Out-of-body” sensation
  23. Not wanting to get up early to leave classroom or office since you will be the center of attention when leaving or asking to leave
  24. Avoiding parties due to anxiety
  25. Not wanting to eat in front of others
  26. Shaky, stuttering, or different pitch voice when speaking
  27. Trembling hands
  28. Sudden or strong urge to escape from social situations
  29. Overly concerned about what people think
  30. Immediately thinking that poor or failed social interactions are your fault instead of the other persons
  31. Trouble falling to sleep because of worry about event the next day
  32. Running through every scenario of possibly failing in your head
  33. Thinking others are talking negatively about or about your anxiety when you can’t hear them
  34. Avoiding looking at others
  35. Excessive swallowing
  36. Cancelling meeting or plans or making excuses why you can’t go to avoid anxiety
  37. Walking the long way around to avoid people from seeing you
  38. Nausea or upset stomach in interactions
  39. Intense fear of situations with unknown people
  40. Worried about being humiliated
  41. Hating your voice or the way that you are talking
  42. Being extremely sensitive to teasing or criticism
  43. Negative self talk, always putting yourself down
  44. Poor social skills
  45. Mind going blank
  46. Poor comprehension of what someone has said since you are so focused on how you will reply or what you will say
  47. Feeling physically drained and tired after social interactions
  48. “Mind reading”, thinking that the other person is judging or thinking negatively of you
  49. Trying to blend in and not be noticed
  50. Excessive anxiety and self-consciousness in normal everyday social situations